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Hello! We have partnered up with Author Gillian G. Gaar and DK Publishing to raffle off her NEW and exciting book titled “A ROUGH GUIDE TO NIRVANA”! The book is not publicly available until June 1st but fans at select cities for this month of May can enter the raffle and win and advance copy of the book. The Raffle will continue through the months ahead. Raffle tickets are $1 and will be available at select shows. Please visit the home page show listings to find out which cities were selected or you can visit us at In addition to winning the book, Gillian will autograph and send you a nice sticker for your book. Please supply all the information required to do so. A sign up sheet will be made available at the show. Winners will be encouraged to send feedback about this book via email or myspace. We also encourage you to write a review at If you can’t wait and want to pre-order a copy of the book please visit and search for “A ROUGH GUIDE TO NIRVANA”. Thank you Gillian and DK Publishing for this great opportunity! -J.Sam.Alex. Inga




We’re finally home and getting the much needed sleep after being away for a month during April’s 2009 SPRING IS HERE AGAIN TOUR. We had an amazing time with our journey. We made our way from Chicago to North Dakota to Montana to Washington to Oregon to Nevada to California to Colorado and Kansas. We’d like to thank the following people for making this tour memorable: Drew and Craig at Concealed Records, Jeff Burlingame and the Kurt Cobain memorial Committee, KDUX 104.7, 107.7 The End, Mitch Holmquist, Tracey, Toya, our Street Teams across the country for their endless support, Amanda for helping out, Tori, Kelly and Jim, Sue from Jazzbones, Joe Motor and the entire staff at Motor in Seattle, The Blvd in Spokane, Cesar from NY, the winners of the Raffles in Seattle, Leland Cobain, Gillian Gaar, our Agent Jeff Shornick at for working so hard in piecing our tour together, Dick Dime and Rodney of The Sandbar in Colorado, Kevin Caroline Mark and the entire staff at The Bluegoat in Kansas, Tonic Lounge in Nevada, Greg and the staff at the Roseland Theatre, Sammy from STD Productions, Artist PB for donating his artwork for the cause, the Fresno Bee, all the people at Crossroads and Fresno California, Inga Olson (great cello work), Savannah, Romero, Raul, Al (Mitch’s neighbor), NBC King Seattle, Komo 4 News Seattle, The Seattle Times, every writer who interviews us, every newspaper, Sonja and Silvia from Spain, and EVERY SINGLE FAN THAT SAW US PLAY LIVE/BOUGHT A T-SHIRT and donated to the Kurt Cobain Memorial Committee! We will see you again soon! -J.Sam.Alex. Inga NEVERMIND: TOURING NIRVANA TRIBUTE www. nirvanatributeband. net




As Dr.Nick from the Simpsons would say “HI EVERYBODY!” Or was it hello? Not sure. Anywho. We have lots of huge shows coming up and we’re very proud to present to you our upcoming “2009: SPRING IS HERE AGAIN TOUR”. It’s part of this year’s 2009 15 Years of Reflection Tour! This leg will take us up to Iowa this week for 3 shows and then swing us up into North Dakota, Montana, 3 shows in Washington, Oregon, down to the California, Colorado, Kansas, and end it with a big finale of this leg in the Dominican Republic. There WILL be MORE DATES added to the April tour as we move along! We’ve posted all the info for our dates in our TOUR SCHEDULE section so please check it out! Also…you can still buy TICKETS for our APRIL 10th SEATTLE SHOW at
Search NEVERMIND and you shall see the page needed. This is an all ages show and as we mentioned before…a third of all proceeds goes to benefit the youth of Aberdeen. Check out the mission over at
The show takes place at MOTOR 1950 1st Ave. S. (between Holgate St & Walker St) Seattle, WA with very special guests…Washington’s very own “HIGH CLASS WRECKAGE”. Check them out at
A guitar signed by LELAND COBAIN will be given raffled off at the Seattle show. Winner must be present! Thanks to Mitch Holmquist for donating the instrument and Leland Cobain for taking time to help the cause. More details coming soon on this contest and other giveaways! While we are on the subject of all things Washington we were once again currently mentioned in the longest running Nirvana online “Fanclub” otherwise known as the NFC
Just go the NEWS section and scroll below. Tickets will also be given away just follow the news and see the mention with the links. We’d also like to say thanks to all the wonerful fans and friends that have come out to our recent shows in Chicago, Pittsburgh, Tallahassee, Ft. Lauderdale, Raleigh, Greensboro, Raleigh, Jacksonville North Carolina, Tennessee, and Alabama. We’ve met some of our street team members as well and we are very lucky to have good people like you all on our side.Thank you all for your hard work, support, and for spreading the love and heart-shaped boxes to anyone willing to give us a chance to entertain them. Sincerely……… -J.Sam.Alex <3




There’s alot of news to report today. This is the one you all have been waiting for. Nevermind will be performing an ALL AGES event celebrating the life and music of Kurt Cobain and Nirvana. In addition the MOTOR CLUB and NEVERMIND are donating a % of ticket sales to the KURT COBAIN MEMORIAL COMMITTEE. The mission is to raise money to build a center for the youth of Aberdeen Washington. This outlet will allow creative young minds to explore and grow throughout the years. To find out more about this cause please visit:
Writer JEFF BURLINGAME (Author of the book “OH WELL, WHATEVER…NEVERMIND”) will be at MOTOR on SUNDAY APRIL 5th to talk about the 15th Anniversary. More details to come. FRIDAY APRIL 10th, 2009 MOTOR CLUB 1950 1st Ave. S. (between Holgate St & Walker St) Seattle, Washington 98134 ALL AGES! www. myspace. com/clubmotor Doors open at 7:30pm Please repost! -J.Sam.Alex. Inga NEVERMIND: TOURING NIRVANA TRIBUTE www. nirvanatributeband. net




We just wanted to also mention the great time that we had in Eau Claire, Wisconsin at THE STONES THROW! The staff was very friendly and helpful, our soundguy ANDREW kicked ass, and the opening band KAPTIVATING KATE did a great job on stage! We hope to play with them again! The fans at this show were so into it that night! They kept us on stage for 2 hours and 40 minutes STRAIGHT! NO BREAKS! We dove deep into Nirvana’s catalog including cuts like “M.V., D-7, Blew, Scentless Apprentice, I Hate Myself…” and many many others! We really are looking forward to coming back later this year! Thanks to all the crazy fans for coming out! Oh and thanks to Katie and Ash for coming out as well as helping us pack our crap! You ladies rock! See you soon Wisconsin! -J.Sam.Alex




From: Plasma Date: Jan 4, 2006 6:44 AM We are NEVERMIND and of course i’m sure that sums up who we cover. We are 3 individuals who for 14 years have been working on our craft….we have been playing in Chicago for a while (mostly underground shows) but lately we’ve been getting alot of attention and even radio promotions for our bigger shows. So I guess I feel a little wierd and intrusive by even asking this of you guys but if your band ever needs an opening band or would like to do a “sounds of seattle” rock night (and perhaps obtain ANGRY CHAIR) I think it would be big here in Chicago and everywhere else. From: EVEN FLOW Date: Jan 5, 2006 1:07 PM Hey guys. We would love to do a show together sometime thank you for shouting out to us. Forward to Friday January 20th, 2009 That was the message that started our long relationship with Pearl Jam Tribute Given 2 Fly (ex-Even Flow) and the Alice In Chains Tribute “Angry Chair”. Both bands have taken us under their touring wings. Ironically enough we could never get all the bands on one stage for one show. We all have headlined our own tours and would occasionally meet for shows…but it was always in pairs and never the trifecta I so sorely wanted. TWICE we came close to having such a show. Once when played at The Abbey the first time in Feb. of 2007! But the Given 2 Fly guys had a member who was out of the country at the time so it was us, Angry Chair, and a Green Day Tribute band. We dubbed it as a “90’s Tribute”. Couldn’t really call it the Sounds Of Seattle or Seattle Grunge Night. Then the opportunity came AGAIN but this time at the Cubby Bear in Wrigleyville but WE were out of town thus Angry Chair and Given 2 Fly played together as they have on many differnt occassions. Friday January 30th, 2009….we did it! We finally made history and we technically sold out the Abbey if we count our guests plus the industry types. We all did it with the help of the fans, our friends, and the bands for putting on a great show for the masses. The day began as the most insane day of my life…so far. My phone was ringing off the hook, I was recieving texts from friends all day, people asking about the show, giving out directions, etc. It was a GOOD sign that we were going to have one of the greatest nights in Chicago. I90W was PACKED at 4pm. Obviously it was rush hour on a Friday so we just took Ashland all the way up to Elston and made our way to the Abbey. We loaded our gear in…sensing a good vibe…and met up with Inga as we soundchecked through Dumb, Something In The Way, and Drain You. Mike G. from Given 2 Fly was the first guy from that band to show up…then the rest trickled in. Shane and Kurt walked in…we greeted each other with smiles and handshakes. We were definitely in a great mood. Soon G2F’s singer (Sam) showed up as well. We were done with our soundcheck and proceeded to move our guitars and pedals out of the way. Given 2 Fly began to set up and in the meantime we saw Rick (Angry Chair’s drummer) walk in. Hugs were exchanged and THEN…the man of the hour…TONY SPILLMAN (Angry Chair’s original guitarist). This cat we haven’t seen since he moved to AZ. But he was back in town and we were more than happy to see him. Tony has been a big influence on us and has given us the best advice in this business. The rest of Angry Chair comes in to soundcheck. Sam and I wanted to eat something before the show began so we went to the other side of the building and headed into the restaurant/bar section. Mike Ferri (G2F’s lead guitarist) flags me down. I walk over, we talk, then a little later Sam and I decide to sit around the tiny table and are joined soon by Shane, Kurt, Danielle, and other friends. Our brother also showed up with all his buddies. So far it was a great family moment. We all talked and laughed about the good ol’ road stories. It’s the kind of stuff that books are based on. We got the news that there was a LINE outside waiting to get in. This just blew my mind. We’ve seen lines but to see this in our own hometown was even more special. I walked through the main floor and saw people begining to find their spots and packing the place! I went downstars to our green room and was giving directions to a couple from Cincinatti (YES WE HAD PEOPLE DRIVE FROM OHIO TO SEE THIS SHOW!) and then my cell started ringing again like crazy! My good friend MATT AUGLE and JOE from the band “CANCER MERCHANTS had just arrived to the show. Matt had been planning out on seeing us before and now it became a reality. It was so good to see him. I brought them both downstairs and we talked for a while about the glory days of C.M. and all the funny stuff Johnny Misfit (C.M. drummer) would pull during shows. We share a few beers and Angry Chair began playing their set. I had to rush back upstairs to catch their set. Sure enough they put on a KILLER set! People loved them! This show was insane! I bumped into more friends on this night than on any other night. It was just so surreal! I saw Julie, Liz, Jason, Sarah, Todd, Barrett (our awesome producer/enginner), etc. Just amazed me to have all the people in my little world in the same room at the same time! Given 2 Fly then took the stage and they pulled out all the stops. They were in the best form that i’ve ever seen them. It really reminded me of The Masquerade show in Altanta. They truly have their craft honed in. Then..the clock pointed towards our set time. We quickly set our gear up, I checked all my pedals, and we did a line check. When it came time for me to check my mike I couldn’t help but to say : “SOME SAY THAT LOOOOVE IS A RIVVVEREERRRR….” A little reference to the 1992 Reading Festival appearnce by Nirvana. And speaking of which….I had finally sported a hospital gown courtesy of one MAT from N.C. Thank you Mat! We opened up with Aneursym and whipped that crowd into a moshing frenzy. Breed was the next song and I could just hear everyone sing along. It was so blissful to be up on that stage! We played Drain You and the pogoing of the audience was a sight to see. We followed up with Molly’s Lips, In Bloom, Rape Me, Come As You Are, Pennyroyal Tea, etc. After On A Plain I called up our good friend and Cellist Inga Olson to the stage. She performed with us: Polly, Dumb, Man Who Sold The World, and Something In The Way. We finally played with Inga since last year. You all will be seeing more of her this year. The highlight was definitely LITHIUM. I truly felt like we’ve been transported to 1992 England. It was probably the crowd singing along, moshing, the lighting,…it was just great! We went into the rest of our set which included: The Money Will Roll Right In, All Apologies, Negative Creep, Heart-Shaped Box, Territorial Pissings, Talk To Me (great reaction to that one!), and You Know You’re Right. Just when we thought we were done the crowd kept wanting more. I noticed the crowd to the left wanted to hear Lounge Act thus it became our final song. We mingled with the rest of our friends after the show. It was really hard to start packing up our gear. But eventually it was time to say goodnight to everyone. We thanked Mike G. (G2F) and Willie-Max (A.C.) and their respective bands for making this happen. So on that note we want to thank Given 2 Fly, Angry Chair, Jason, Matt, Joe, Marty, Liz, Kelly, Christine, Steph and William for DRIVING ALL THE WAY FROM CINCINATTI!, Julie and her friend, Sarah, Pat, Barret and his bud, Tori, Anhel, Yvonne, Todd from President Bomb, Steve the soundguy, Inga Olson, The entire staff at The Abbey, Sean Duffy, and THE REST OF YOU WONDERUL AND LOVELY FANS AND FRIENDS THAT MADE THIS SHOW POSSIBLE!!!!!! And yes….we will ALL be back for another Abbey show! This time we have something VERY special brewing. 😉 We’ll keep you posted on the new details and a new date! We love you so much! -J.Sam.Alex.Inga